What We Do

Thoroughbred Breeding

The breeding industry report undertaken in the last few years by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) concludes that the breeding industry contributes some £425m to the rural UK economy with over £150m of annual foreign investment in Thoroughbreds.

Breeding Primer

The well known Frankel has a stud fee, the cost for the stallion to impregnate the mare, of £175,000 which equates to almost £16m of earnings per annum.


The skill is being able to envisage, and manage, the development of the foal into a yearling coupled with knowledge of the racing side of the business where successful performances of the foals’ relatives will enhance their value.

The Markets

Tattersalls is the best barometer of the market. They have seen Foal prices hold firm over the last few years with a 16% increase on the average last year on slightly lower sales volume.